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Nancy, by Ernie Bushmiller

Strip run:  1938 - present


Example of Nancy daily by Ernie Bushmiller, April 13, 1972.  Copyright United Feature Syndicate, Inc.


Example of Nancy daily by Ernie Bushmiller, May 13, 1976.  Copyright United Feature Syndicate, Inc.  A personal favorite of mine, as I have always felt that Fritzi was one of the most beautiful women in comics, and to see her in curlers is hilarious.


Example of Nancy daily by Ernie Bushmiller, April 28, 1977.  Copyright United Feature Syndicate, Inc.  Many stats in this one, but the back of the strip is unusual (see below).  Note the trademark penmarks along the top of the strip, common among Bushmiller originals as it was his practice to dab the pen before inking.


Reverse of Nancy daily for April 28, 1977.  Unusual, as the entire strip has been penciled, as if practicing for the real thing.


Example of Nancy daily by Guy and Brad Gilchrist, July 2, 2004.  The music world suffered a great loss with the death of Ray Charles, and Guy honored him beautifully with this strip.  Also, Guy's art style is significantly different than that of Ernie Bushmiller.


Inscribed signed sketch of Nancy by Guy Gilchrist done in 1999.


An incredible pencil sketch by Guy Gilchrist of Fritzi and Nancy on the beach in Hawaii, drawn in 2005.  Once again the United States Postal Service decided to leave their mark by creasing this beautiful piece.  Despite the fold, the art still looks great.


Be sure to also see the gallery page for Fritzi Ritz, the predecessor to Nancy.


Check out some scans of the Nancy comic strips at the I Love Comix Nancy online viewable archive (be prepared, though, to hear some old-time radio playing in the background as you check out the site;  it's actually kind of cool).

Also be sure to visit Guy Gilchrist's home page to see his work on Nancy as well as his other projects!


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